One Platform For All Assets

Sethala IoT is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IoT Platform which offers easy to use apps for versatile and comprehensive IoT site and deployment management with in-and-outdoor asset management, tracking, monitoring and control at an affordable monthly per-device subscription.

Features include:

One Platform:

  • Multiple organization support – manage all your assets from one platform.
  • Cloud based – secure access from anywhere.
  • Per-organization permissions and roles.
  • REST API and webhook support for easy system integration with any 3rd Party system supporting RESTful APIs.

Versatile & easy configuration:

  • In-and-outdoor deployment support.
  • Multiple deployment support, example Fleet, Regional, Building, Store, City, Farm, Factory, Construction Site and more,
  • Logical asset placement and management using a unique combination of Partitions and Zones.
  • Custom created and imported geofences.
  • Build-in map tools to easily create and maintain zones and geofences.

Asset monitoring & Tracking

  • Asset monitoring, movement and tampering detection.
  • Real-time data monitoring and reporting – down to device sensor level.
  • In-and-outdoor asset / human location tracking.
  • Geofence monitoring, reporting and notification.
  • Custom schedule configuration for monitoring and reporting on specified thresholds.
  • E-Mail, SMS and push notification alerts.

Comprehensive Device Management

  • Easy device deployment and management with auto-provision on Sigfox, LoRA and GSM Networks for supported devices.
  • Device management & monitoring (Status, Battery, Last Seen) with daily reporting on exceptions.

Feature rich dashboard with support for web and mobile devices

  • Interactive apps with easy to use interfaces for web and mobile devices.
  • Web service (any browser) with PWA
  • Android app (Google Play Store)
  • IOS app (Apple Appstore)

Multi Solution


Apple and Android


Sethala IoT Mobile extends Sethala IoT to the mobile device and offers an easy to use app for monitoring and controlling your IoT site deployments, and assets.


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